About Us

Excelsior Martial Arts Academy is a family-owned gym..

We are located at 1178 Geneva Avenue, on unceded Ohlone territory, San Francisco, Ca. In learning of the land and original stewards, we are able to acknowledge our privilege and opportunity. It is an honor to contribute to the already rich culture and history, to serve in the Excelsior district. We offer our services to the community and are devoted to building strong foundations. We value genuine connection and strive to grow as a team, while staying grounded in gratitude and purpose.

Est. in February 2011, a "BJJ couple" was born. Not only married to each other and committed to this lifestyle, Jyn and Martin (JAM) are a unit of two who believe in the power of "friendship and unity", which has and continues to pave the path to manifesting their truest aspirations, as martial artists and as human beings. Fast forward to November 2022 (after years of life, love, and resilience, plus just shy of one year birthing their first child) they received the keys to their very own academy, to unlock boundless possibilities! By tending to their passion daily and guided by a strong sense of purpose, the duo continues to move "ever upward", to cultivate and share their Love for the art of Jiu-Jitsu, which transcends beyond the mats, into their own home, family, and community.

Professional and Passionate Staff

We welcome and embrace the alignment with those who feel called to join us in utilizing martial arts as a platform to serve with care and intentionality. With over 30 years of combined experience working with adults and kids of all ages and backgrounds, we look forward to serving you and your family! 

Please see our Team page for more about each of us and our ever evolving journeys. 

Interconnection and Vision

Proud affiliate of JG Academy, we embody the team motto, "aspire to inspire." Our long term goals are to empower ourselves and each other by enhancing our overall health and wellness, while helping to safeguard the community through martial arts. In addition to techniques, essential life skills are learned to ensure success and personal growth. This is one practice we believe can lead to self-development, which in turn, benefits the greater whole.

We are unique and individual as we are connected and co-create special bonds. It is inevitable that our work (and play!) together brings positive, impactful, experiences and memories to look back on with full hearts.